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Custom Clearing

We are licensed Custom House agent offering rapid custom clearing services to our customers.Our fully integrated working system is such that the customs clearance time is greatly shorten whether it is airborne or marine shipping.Due to our constant study and research in recent customs rules,regulations and procedures we are able to develop new unique,effective and successfull solutions.We guide our customers through the entire procedure in order to carry out the trade succcessfully.

We perform all the necessary services such as Harmonised System of Nomenclature Classification for classifying traded products developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO),assessment,preparing receipt of goods,obtaining customs out charge,preparing of bill of entry,shipping bill on the basis of shippers letter of instruction and also perform classification and a detail study for identifying flaws and drawbacks in order to get rid of them and carry out the process in less time and successfully.We make the proper utilization and implementaion of STPI, EOU, 100%,MEIS (MERCHANDISE EXPORTS FORMINDIA SCHEME) DEEC (Duty Exemption Entitlement Scheme) & SFIS in order to diversification and to promote export of new products and enable our customers to undergo savings by taking advantages of them and other such favourable policies.Hence, we are able to take care of Import and Export clearances with proper and effective methodologies.

" Timely pick ups and deliveries with An assurance of safe handling and secure delivery !"